Week #1  9/4/17 to 9/10/17


12 Year Olds:


The 12 Yr old coaches have chose Joseph D'Alessandro as  Player of the Week. 


Joe is actually an 11 year old that has stepped up to play up a year to help out the 12 year old team. He is a two way starter and has made a difference on our team. Great job Joseph. Keep up the hard work.

-Coach A


11 Yr olds:


The 11 year old coaches have selected Connor Bunce as Player of the Week.  Conner started at QB for the first time as a PRIDE team member, making the transition from playing Flag Football.  


Conner led his team to a 19 to 0 win over the Longwood B Team.  He rushed for a touchdown, and passed for an extra point on offense.  As a substitute on Defense, Connor made several athletic plays including several tackles in the opponents backfield.  

-Jim Wallace ( Head Coach)


10 Yr old Black Team


The 10 yr old Black Team  coaches have selected Joseph Filardi as Player of the Week.  Joe Filardi had a pick six in this weeks game that ended up being the game winner  !  Joseph has played for Hills Pride since he was five years old. 


10 Yr old Red Team


The 10 yr old Red Team coaches have selected Logan Soler as Player of the Week. Logan had 1 TD and several tackles for loss of yardage for the opposing team. Logan is new to Pride this year.


9 Yr old Team


The 9 Yr old Team coaches do not choose a player of the week. 


7/8 Yr old Team


The 7/8 Yr old Team coaches have chosen the entire Offensive Line for Player's of the week.


We had no plays for a loss and the boys did incredibly well adjusting to substitutions.  

Coach Stuart Anderson


5/6 Year old Team


The 5/6 yr old Team has Chosen Orion Castillo as Player of the week. 

Orion has put in 100% in every practice !!

-Coach Eric Von Schmidt

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